Aklan Boasts of the Most Delicious Specialty Dishes

Aklan has a lot of delicious food specialty dishes that gives a lot of tourists a lot of fond memories of that wonderful province in the Philippines. Dining in this place presents no problem as many resorts like those in Boracay, Aklan serves local cuisines that are popular in Aklan.

Among the most popular Aklan food specialty dishes is the charbroiled chicken and raw fish which is marinated in a very tasteful and spicy type of vinegar. Another popular Aklan food specialty dish is the banana trunk’s pith and a famous local dish called Chicken Inuburan or Chicken with banana pith which is widely considered as the best tasting vegetable dish in the province of Aklan.

Aklan is also known to be an important source of Philippine types of banana chips that are composed of “sab-ang” bananas and are exported throughout the world. Other Aklan specialty food dishes are inihaw (grilled seafoods), ginamos (salted shrimp paste or fish), and tinu-om, eangkoga (composed of bananas with coconut milk and sweet rice), inumoe and inigpit (broiled tuna that are pressed hard between sticks of bamboo), Ibos (composed of gingered flavored sweet rice which are wrapped in leaves of a banana), Eina-ga nga Balingka (composed of boiled yucca). Some of these specialty dishes from Aklan are yet to be copied from people in other places.

Tinu-om is a popular Aklan dish composed of a native chicken which is sliced into small sized parts and layered with chopped garlic, ginger, white onions, lemon grass and tomatoes and sprinkled with black pepper and salt. Sliced pieces of potatoes are an optional addition. The native chicken and the following ingredients are then wrapped tightly in banana leaves and then properly placed in a hot bowl and then steamed into tasty doneness.

Other Aklan food specialty highlights that attract visitors to enjoy eating around this place are the Tinumkan (composed of freshwater crab or shrimp that are cooked with coconut and are wrapped in gabi leaves), Buroe (a mouth watering jellyfish salad), Binakoe (chicken that is cooked inside a bamboo and tastes richer than conventional chicken cooking).

Inuburan is one of the most popular Aklan food specialty dish, it is a chicken cooked with coconut milk and pieces of ubad, the pith of a banana. First time tasters of this dish describe a blissful and delicious flavor brought upon by the creamy milky soup with ubad which in a way takes on the rich texture of the rice.

Binakol is another Aklan chicken dish that is steamed together with its own tasty juice cooked over a flaming charcoal inside a bamboo. The process of this cooking makes the chicken absorb all aroma of the natural way of cooking and provides a juicy texture and rich taste that lingers on in the mouth for quite a while after the whole eating is done.

These are just some of the food specialty dishes that Aklan is known for, it represents an original way of cooking that provides new kinds of exhilarating eating experience not only to the locals but to visitors from all over the world as well.

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