Enseimada in Bulacan

Bulacan is known for its sweet delicacies such as breads and other pastries. The bakeries there are capable of producing a variety of treats catering to those people that enjoy sweets. Enseimada or ensaymada is one of the popular products of Bulacan. This is sweetened bread that looks like a large snail. Adding to the flavor of the ensaymada would be the melted cheese and sugar placed on top of each bread.

The bread itself is a mixture of flour, milk and butter. Biting into an ensyamada, you will appreciate the softness and texture of this food treat. The combination of all the ingredients makes for a perfect product.

Aside from your personal consumption, the popularity of this Bulacan specialty food is in buying a box of ensaymada to give as a gift or “pasalubong”. Several bakeries offer individually wrapped ensaymadas that can be placed in boxes of different sizes.

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