Export Quality Products of Bulacan

Bulacan, just like any province and cities in the Philippines, have many export quality products.

Bulacan exports jewelries and they are categorized into two sub-sectors; the fine jewelry sub-sector and costume jewelry sub-sector. Bulacan’s fine jewelry industry produces two product types; the precious metal jewelry and the pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. Precious metal jewelry may be made of gold or silver and may or may not need any gemstones. Rings, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry products are exported. The Philippines is ranked number 14 in the world’s top gold producers in 1995. Because of the abundance of gold, the jewelry industry triumph. Pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones are also found in the country.

Marbles and marbleized limestone are also exported from Bulacan. An estimate of 6.7 billion tones of marble and limestone deposits are estimated in the Philippine marble ore reserves. 70% of marble blocks used by local industrial marble exporters are coming from Bulacan. Different areas in Bulacan are known to be good sources of marble and limestone deposits with the famous colors like tea rose and Capistrano beige. The marble exported are categorized as worked and unworked with a 4:1 ratio favoring the unworked marbles. Unworked marbles include slabs, tiles, countertops, cover blocks, chips and granules. Worked marbles are polished.

There are over 200 furniture manufacturers all over Bulacan and they produce a wide range of excellent quality furniture. These furnitures are made of wood, metal, rattan and a mixture of the three materials mentioned. They primarily export their products to Korean, Taiwan, Mexico, United States, Europe and the Middle East. The Bulacan’s craftsmen are highly skilled in creating elaborate wood carvings.

Bulacan’s major industry of garment manufacturing has more than 200 garment manufacturer who are registered to directly export their products. Their product ranges from children clothes, trousers, shorts, ladies and men’s clothing and even swimwear. The laborers are highly skilled in embroidery, printing and dyeing and knitting.

Bulacan’s export quality products continue to grow and they welcome investors who are ready to plunge on the many business opportunities in the province. Bulacan has a lot to offer both for export and for the local market. In the future, more and more products from Bulacan would be qualified for export.

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