I love Davao!

Hagimi Falls - Davao Photo by James Deakin

Hagimi Falls – Davao Photo by James Deakin

Visit Davao if you want to experience the wonder and paradise of the Philippines. Located at the southeast of Mindanao and consist of regions, Davao became one of the popular tourist destinations because of its breathtaking scenic beauty, warm Filipino hospitality, rich fauna and flora, and great agricultural products.

Wildlife enthusiasts and bird lovers will truly enjoy their visit to the Philippine Eagle Foundation as they take a glimpse on a variety of wildlife especially the endangered Philippine Eagle which is considered as one of the 50 rarest birds in the world. See the monkey-eating Philippine Eagle, the rare orchid, Waling-Waling, and enjoy hiking or trekking as you reach the magnificent and highest peak in the Philippines which is Mt. Apo.

If you’re a person who values art, you should visit the San Pedro Cathedral for its beautiful Spanish style architecture and collection of antique images of saints. Tourists could also visit the Davao Museum to have a look at Davao’s tribal handicrafts, art costumes, jewelry, and ceramics. Tourists will probably enjoy the finest beaches and resorts in Davao like the Pearl Farm Island Resort where they can enjoy boat sailing, diving, and snorkeling that makes Davao truly a paradise.

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