Kadayawan Festival, Davao City

Photo by Jojie F. Alcantara of Pbase

Photo by Jojie F. Alcantara of Pbase

August is an exciting month for the people of Davao as this ushers in the Kadayawan Festival. Similar to the other Philippine fiestas, this particular festivity was conceived with an inspiring message behind it. With the end of martial law and the terrible reign that went with its downfall, the idea of unifying the people in Davao was proposed though the observance of a festival. The initial program was quite a success that it has evolved into the present Kadayawan rites; a weeklong celebration highlighted by dancing and exhibits of its local culture.

The root word “dayaw” in Kadayawan can either mean “good”, “beautiful”, “valuable” and “superior”, all positive words that reflect what life could be in Davao. Thus, the Kadayawan Festival is a thanksgiving party that emphasizes Davao’s rich heritage, which is a mixture of historical, cultural and artistic aspects. You can see a glimpse of the past when you see an ancestral “lumads” celebrating on the streets with the other merry makers.

The Kadayawan parade boasts of floral floats to display the blessings that they derive from the natural resources surrounding them such as flowers and fruits. Not far behind would be the displays of all the commodities that Davao is famous for like its native delicacies of durian candies and treats. You should come and experience this Festival at least once in your lifetime.

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