The Legend of the Cashew Nut

Long time ago in a very far away forest there is a small seed inside the cashew fruit who always wonder about the world outside. One day, he heard excited voices of different animals that are talking merrily in the forest. He listened to the celebration and gave a sigh.

He said rather loudly, “Oh, how I wish I live outside so that I can join the fun!”

A fairy who joined the festivities heard him. The kind-hearted fairy touched the cashew fruit and said, “You poor little thing! From now on, you will be outside this fruit so that you can enjoy the outside world”

Even before the fairy can finish her words, the little seed was blinded by the brightness of the forest. He looked around and saw trees of different sizes and leaves. With eyes closed, he breathed in the smell of the flowers, the gentle touch of the breeze on his exposed body, the smell of the outside world. His heart was wild with excitement as the happy chattering among animals assembled for the day’s festivities comes clearer than ever. It seems that his wish came true!

Then he opens his eyes and look around with a clear head. He saw different kinds of animals having fun, talking and sharing laughter over the abundant banquet.

It was an endless fun for him. Then he remembers the fairy that is standing beside him, watching with amusement. He gratefully told the fairy, “Thank you very much, my lady. Can I stay here forever?’

The fairy gave a nod and said yes. She left to join the others who are having a grand time.

The seed was so happy to see the world outside his fruit, the place where he took shelter for what seems like a very long time.

Meanwhile, while the seed was enjoying the sight that the forest offers dark clouds started to form above the skies. The temperature started to drop and the wind became colder to the skin. The animals started to bid each other good bye, and some are already hurrying for home, hoping to take shelter before the heavy rain drops.

Then it happened. The joyful chatters were replaced by the howling wind and the tiny seed clung to the fruit for his dear life. The gentle breeze is now a strong gust of wind that seems to sweep him away from the fruit that used to be his shelter. The raindrops are cold on his exposed body, hitting on his bare skin painfully. The trees are swaying wildly with the rain, scaring him more than ever. The darkness that replaced the sunlight seems to go on forever. He closed his eyes shouting for the fairy. He is asking for the beautiful creature to bring him back to his old shelter. He longs to be inside the fruit where he hears the sound of happiness outside. But no one seems to hear his plea.

When things seem to be hopeless, the rain suddenly stopped. Then he heard light footsteps coming. He saw the fairy smiling down at him. He begged to be brought back to the inside of the fruit but the fairy refused.

“I can not do that, my dear. You made a wish and it was granted.” She smiled to him kindly, “Let it be a lesson for you. That it is important to be grateful of what the Creator gave us”. Then the fairy was gone.

From then on, the cashew nut can be found, unlike all other fruits, outside the cashew fruit.

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