The Legend of Makopa

Once upon a time, there was a town that never goes hungry because of a mysterious gong that provides them with the food they wish. Some bandits from a different town heard about this mysterious gong and plotted to steal it away from the townspeople and hide it in their own town because they themselves don’t want to go hungry again. The townspeople were informed about these bandits’ plot of stealing their most precious gong, so they hid it somewhere in the forest.

At last, the bandits invaded their town and the townspeople fought with all their might to drive these bandits away who wanted to steal their gong. They were successful and the bandits fled all wounded or dying. Unfortunately, the battle has caused the townspeople many lives as well including the lives of the people who were assigned to hide the mysterious gong. Nobody knew where they hid the mysterious gong and so, they still have suffered the loss of their treasure. The gong was not found for years and the townspeople grew hungry.

Years passed and nobody had found the mysterious gong. The people are suffering from poverty already and after all those years they still mourn the loss of the precious mysterious gong. One day, a young boy was walking along the forest and saw a tree with fruits that look like a gong. It’s the shape of the gong that they have lost many years ago. The young boy climbed up the tree, tried eating the fruit and was surprised that it tastes really good. He took some of its fruit along with him to give to the townspeople. Upon seeing the fruit that the boy brought with him, they believed that the mysterious gong was hidden underneath that tree. They immediately went to the place where the young boy had found the tree with the gong-shaped fruits and there they dug out the roots and everybody rejoiced as they have found their lost treasure. Underneath the tree was the mysterious gong.

They had found the key to their abundant life and they never went hungry again. In addition to that, they also enjoy the delicious gong-shaped fruit and up this very day, people still enjoy the delicious fruit now known as Makopa.

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