Mayon Volcano also Known as the “Heaven on Earth”

Another breathtaking scenic beauty the Philippines could offer its tourists is the Mayon Volcano. It is an active volcano and popularly called as the world’s most perfect cone located in Legaspi, Albay, Philippines. Mayon Volcano never failed to attract visitors as it measures 8,189 feet with a base of 10 kilometers with its perfect cone whether seen from a distance or up close. When the volcano erupted, it left wonderful sceneries around it such as natural springs, caves, hills and lakes that have access to the panoramic view of the famous volcano.

Paradise Philippines Photos from SXC.HU, by DxPsycho

Paradise Philippines
Photos from SXC.HU, by DxPsycho

Known as the “Heaven on Earth”, Mayon Skyline nestles at the eastern slopes of the volcano with the altitude of 2,700 feet. Every visitor enjoys the hanging cloud and the pleasant climate as they view the Pacific Ocean and different places around Mayon Volcano National Park where the Mayon Volcano is located. There is also the Cagsawa Ruins, which is a lavish church during the Spanish era and was buried when the volcano erupted on February 1, 1814. The remains of the church serve as a mute testimony of the volcano’s destructive strength and volatile fury. The Cagsawa Ruins Park always gives tourists an unhampered view of Mayon Volcano.

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