Indulging into one of the many paradise beaches in the Philippines provides a well deserve break from all the haggles in life. May it be for scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing, a walk in the beach or just even as simple as family outing would bring the greatest pleasures in life. Should you be looking for a great escape into a well deserve vacation the mystical world of Pagudpud is one of the many paradise destination one can savor.

Welcome to Pagudpud - Ilocos Norte

Welcome to Pagudpud – Ilocos Norte

Known to many as the surfing capital, Pagudpud is blessed with a world class white sandy beach located in the northern part of the country specifically in the province of Ilocos Norte. The island beach is reputed to have the longest contingous white sand sea shore along with mighty strong waves and winds that is typically bound best for surfing and sailing and comparably to those of Hawaii. Its powdery white sand is a perfect match to that of any of the Philippines pristine beaches especially Boracay and its crystal clear waters are a sure hit for many travelers seeking a well deserve vacation and tranquility.

The Kaibigan Falls is an alternative for those who wishes to go on a mountain journey while enjoying mothers natures best. Nearby Vigan, Laoag and Paoay are a must to see and while in Batac one should never forget to visit the Marcos Museum and Mansion.

Pagudpud Beach - Ilocos Norte

Pagudpud Beach – Ilocos Norte

A point of caution though for everyone, is not to swim too far from the shore, because the strong under water current could potentially spell unwelcome disaster. In addition visitors should carry a bit of extra cash for that local shopping and as they say nothing comes cheap nowadays. However, the beauty of the place ensures that every penny spent on the trip is worth it.

A 16 hour drive from the capital, truly, the Philippines largest and arguably most beautiful island promises a dream getaway for all visitors of a magnificent and unforgettable experience in a secluded paradise.

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