Panagbenga Festival, Baguio City

Photos from Pbase by Benny Mendoza, Panagbenga 2007

Photos from Pbase by Benny Mendoza, Panagbenga 2007

One of the most colorful festivals and perhaps, the sweetest smelling among all festivities in the Philippines is the annual Panagbenga celebration in Baguio City. Panagbenga is a local term, which when translated means “a season of blossoming, a time for flowering”. It is quite fitting that this is observed regularly during the month February where love and flowers are certain to captivate everyone’s imagination.

The Panagbenga festival was initially conceptualized and implemented in 1995. This tradition was a result of group efforts by the concerned citizens of Baguio City, as numerous people got involved to ensure that the preparations made will be successful for its maiden launch. Years after, this festivity is one of the most watched event as tourists, local and foreigners, flock to the city when the month of February ushers in.

Many activities are scheduled to keep you busy during this celebration. Various competitions are conducted like painting or photography, free concerts are presented and sports tournaments are held. There are street dancing performers with flowers as main accessories to enhance their costumes. You can also buy your favorite blooms, as these are available. The highlight is the parade of floats made from different, visually appealing flowers that this City is famous for in the country.

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