Pancit Malabon

Pancit MalabonPancit Malabon is a mouth-watering specialty food that can only be found, where else, but in Malabon City. This City is found on the northern part of Metro Manila but the time it would take you to travel there and taste this delicious food is worth the trip.

Pancit Malabon consists of fat, white noodles that are mixed with achuete oil to give its distinctive color of orange. The noodles are made from rice and deliberately heated to achiever a certain thickness. When the noodles are ready, it is then mixed with the other ingredients that give this food its distinctive taste such as shrimps, squids, hardboiled eggs, chopped vegetables and the local “chicharon”. Depending on the cook, salt and/or pepper may be added to add to its flavor.

Many sellers claim to offer original Pancit Malabon but only very few manage to offer the unique taste of this pancit.

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