Pangasinan – 100 Reasons to Visit

The Province of Pangasinan where beautiful unexploited landscapes of nature exists. A place where innovation, technology and urban development is a continuous project. A place where technology and nature co-exists.

Hundred Islands - Pangasinan

Hundred Islands – Pangasinan

Its location from Metro Manila is about a 170 kilometers and could be traveled by land in about 4 hours passing thru the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga and Tarlac and arriving the first town of Pangasinan which is Rosales ( Carmen is the municipality ) via Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway Project (TPLUEP). This is the province where I also frequented during my younger years as its the land of my ancestry on my mother side. My grandmother comes from Urdaneta City and I remember the house I frequented along the main road infront of the market. Pangasinan is also one of the provinces that have a good number of cities in place such as Alaminos City, Dagupan City, Urdaneta City and San Carlos City. But that doesn’t stop there since it has 44 municipalities, 1354 barangays and 6 congressional districts that comprises the whole province. Each individual municipalities are well known throughout Luzon if not in the whole country, maybe because its a favorite stop to other northern destinations. The local population are very friendly and most speak Panggalatok or Pangasinense with Ilocano and Tagalog as subsequent dialects. During my stays in Pangasinan, I would never leave without some large bottle or carafe of bagoong “salted shrimp” towards my voyage back to Manila as the place is where the best bagoong is produced and some are even exported.

Dagupan Festival - Pangasinan

Dagupan Festival – Pangasinan

Its local economy has been impressive so far in the last two decades with infrastructures of malls, real estate and building constructions on cities and municipalities while export of local handicrafts and products has a stable growth, its tourism industry never ceases to lay low because of its natural wonders. The province’s industry and local economy varies from farming to aquaculture, handicrafts, manufacturing of raw and finished materials, bagoong and oyster processing, tourism, power with construction and development. The local populations OFW’s contribution also are a prime contributor in their economy. Being industrious people, you can find the people of Pangasinan all over the world. In San Quintin alone most of the people I met in Spain are from this town with Asingan, Mangatarem, Bayambang and Calasiao making up the bulk of the pinoy population in Marbella. The Province of Pangasinan has produced influential leaders of the country, namely Fidel Ramos from Lingayen, Jose de Venecia and Eugenio Perez as examples with Renato de Villa, Oscar Orbos and Fernando Poe Jr. family hailing from San Carlos City.

Bolinao Resort - Pangasinan

Bolinao Resort – Pangasinan

Education facilities in the province have a substantial amount scattered across with elematary and secondary education public schools all over the municipalities and cities. Colleges and Universities are located primarily in the urban centers with some on its municipalities too. Most popular are Pangasinan State University, University of Pangasinan, Pangasinan College of Science and Technology, Lyceum Northwestern University with more to mention. Health care facilities also have enough for its local population with 51 public and private hospitals and clinics while rural health care facilities number to about 70 with a staff of doctor, dentist and nurse manning the stations.

The tourism industry in the Province of Pangasinan is one of its main attractions spearheaded by its nature of wonderful islands scattered in the ocean like emeralds , The Hundred Islands National Park, with its beauty and untouched forest, reefs, corals and white sandy beaches are a perfect travel destination getaway for both local and foreign travelers. Dagupan City also offers nice beaches with big waves suitable for surfing especially in Tondaligan and Bonoan which has cottages and inn accommodations. Bolinao also offers great resort facilities from first class accommodations to budgeted and with Lingayen and Alaminos City as the same.

Bangus Festival - Pangasinan

Bangus Festival – Pangasinan

Festivals and town fiestas are among the most celebrated during the summer seasons. The most popular and world known event that even is included in the Guinness Book is the Dagupan Bangus Festival featuring a showcase of its aquaculture product “Bangus or Milkfish” with tons of kilograms paraded and cooked for everyone to consume with variety of cooking from inihaw, relleno, pesa, paksiw and many more. The Rice Cake Festival is also a favorite in Calasiao.

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