Pasig – The Green City

The City of Pasig was founded on July 1573. The original Pasig was a vast territory of mountainous and grass field trek extending as it did from Montalban 20 kilometers to the North (being in olden times a barrio of San Mateo) and as far south as Bai more than 50 kms. as the crow flies. The early known settlers when the Spaniards came to Pasig were called – Remontados. The name was derived from the Spanish verb “remontar,” meaning, “to flee from the hills,” ”to frighten away,” or “go back to the mountains.” This indigenous peoples are said to be the descendants of lowlanders who opted to live in the mountains to avoid subjugation and persecution by the occupying Spaniards.
Pasig City Hall
Pasig City celebrated its 440th Anniversary dubbed as “Pasig… One Direction Towards a Brighter Vision” last July. There are varieties of fun activities for everyone, both for locals and visitors. There are also Kasalang Bayan (Mass Wedding), Concert, Senior Citizen ball, Riverbank clean-up, Grand Parade, Fireworks , a Job Fair for Pasiguenos and a lot more!

Pasig River

Pasig River

Pasig City is considered as one of the most outstanding, safe and environmental friendly City of Metro Manila. Ortigas Center is considered as the business district of the city, a fast growing district of Pasig growing like Makati in terms of economy and infrastructure. With thousands of companies and business establishments, it is a good place to invest and build a business. Also located in Ortigas Center are numerous selections of recreational facility centers and nightlife spots. Surely, you will never get bored with Pasig City.

This city aims to provide a better education to the youth and giving them the best quality education that they will ever need. The city helps those who cannot afford their education by providing free school supplies to every student and a scholarship grant to those who deserves it with a free graduation fee also given to the graduates of public schools of the city. The present City Mayor Maribel A. Eusebio has a lot of projects for the beautification of Pasig – environmental programs, health care, education, safety, youth and elders, occupations and more. The Mayor, his staff and the public officials of the city would like to make sure that Pasig City is a great place to live in.

Visit the wonderful City of Pasig and feel at home !

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