Pintados de Passi Festival, Iloilo City

Iloilo has numerous festivities, which either have died a natural death due to the non-observance or have survived gracefully as people continue to remember commemorating such. One of the well-loved fiestas would be the Pintados de Passi Festival in Passi City celebrated every March. Through the years, this celebration has formed its own devoted followers within the Philippines and even beyond.

photo by Ray Tabafunda

photo by Ray Tabafunda

What makes Pintados de Passi a popular festival is its visual appeal as symbolized by the Pintados, which refers to the painted street dancers and performers. They are fascinating to watch since their bodies are covered by the traditional tattoos particularly the arms, torsos and legs. It is even more interesting to note that the tattoos are not mere ornaments but these tell different stories about the rich cultural history of the place. The dance itself utilized heavy and sometimes aggressive movements, and very theatrical, hence make for memorable viewing.

Various tourists, either local or foreign, are guaranteed to be delighted when they see such impressive dance performances by the Pintados. Each year, a different them is adopted by the City but the primary objective still remains, which is to showcase the beauty, commodities and produce that can only be found in Passi City.

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