World-Class Mangoes in Guimaras

270520151297Because of the nice tropical weather, tropical fruits are also very rampant in the country of the Philippines. Fruits that are great to be made as shakes that would definitely refresh you in the middle of an intense warm climate in the country. This includes fruits such as watermelon, coconuts, melon, honeydew, and more. But above all these, only one fruit stands above the rest. Mangifera indica, or simply known as mango, is considered as the national fruit in this country. Mango is not just the national fruit in Philippines but also in other Asian countries such as India and Bangladesh. If apple is the most common and most favored fruit in Western countries, then mango is its counterpart in the continent of Asia. However, although mangoes grew in other parts of the world, the best ones are still found in Philippines, specifically in the province of Guimaras.

Mangoes in Guimaras can be eaten may it be ripe or unripe. Unripe Carabao mangoes can be a dessert or a snack. Some Filipinos slice these unripe Carabao mangoes into smaller pieces and they mixed it with chopped onions and tomatoes. They call it Ensalada – a local version of Spain’s green salad. On the other hand, the ripe mangoes in Guimaras are considered as the best fine-tasting mangoes in the world. It has a unique sweetness that one can never taste anywhere else. There’s no need to use any kind of sweetener if you wanted to have a mango shake. Exporting and importing mangoes in Guimaras is one of the leading industries in the said province.

Mangoes in Guimaras are very popular all over the world because of its very exotic taste. It has a unique sweetness, firm flesh, sweet-smelling aroma, thin seeds as well as smooth peel. Because of this, countries such as Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore pays a lot of money to most mango distributors just to let their locals have a taste of this fruit that Philippines is very much proud of. The mango trees located in the province of Guimaras are grafted rather than seeded. This is because they believe that grafted trees are able to bear fruits earlier and at the same time will produce an excellent fruit quality. And they are right. Since Guimaras is now the leading mango distributor worldwide, they are very much determined in keeping their province’s reputation with regards to the quality of the fruit.


Many are wondering why the mangoes in Guimaras tastes differently from the mangoes in other parts of the Philippines or anywhere else in the globe. Guimaras is located in the Western Visayas region, where the climate is not as humid as the other areas of the country. The location as well as the climate directly affects the quality of any fruits. Moreover, the soil where these trees are planted is very rich in nutrients which help the trees to bear fruits that are rich in flavor and nutrition. According to the experts, a soil that has a balanced mixture of loam, sand, and clay is the best soil for any kind of plant. These are the characteristics of Guimaras soil, making it an ideal place to plant mango trees and other types of tropical fruits for that matter.

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