Anilag Festival in Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Almost everyone desires to register a world record. This feat will be remembered and known for the years to come. The Filipinos are no exception to this challenge in attempting to establish a record. Nothing could make this experience more fun and entertaining than doing such feat during a festivity. This is what the people in Sta. Cruz, Laguna has managed to combine in celebrating the annual Anilag Festival. Although this fiesta has been observed for only a few years, it has become an important occasion for most of the people living in Laguna.

“Anilag” is a shortened word for “Ani ng Laguna”, which literally means “harvest of Laguna”. Initially commemorated to mark the foundation day of this region, it has evolved into a thanksgiving rite that endeavors to present the products and tourist attractions that can be found exclusively in Laguna. During the week, the local residents as well as the numerous tourists are treated to different delights – visual, musical and especially those catering to one’s taste buds.

Various competitions are conducted to drum up everyone’s interests and participation. You will certainly enjoy watching the street dance competition, float competition and other musical contests. There are even talent searches that showcase the special abilities and beauty of the people in Laguna. If you want to purchase a souvenir or the native delicacies, you can easily find one in the booths and kiosks that are set up in the trade exhibits.

To add uniqueness to the fiesta, the organizers have come up with the idea of performing a certain activity that may place them in the Guinness Book of Records. They previously attempted to produce the biggest buko pie and the longest espasol, both local treats. The people might not have broken any record yet but the camaraderie that has been established among the people in the town is deemed priceless.

The Anilag Festival is a celebration that truly exemplifies the good life in Laguna.

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