Baguio City, Philippine Destination

There’s no other place in the world like Baguio. Also called as Ciudad ti Baguio by Ilokanos, it is one of the high-class urbanized cities located in the Northern part of Luzon. As a part of the Benguet province, Baguio is not only abundant in attractive tourist destinations but it is also rich in cultural heritage as well. Every year, when the sun is striking hot at some areas in the Philippines, Filipinos from neighboring provinces, especially from Manila, drive up to the steep road of Kennon or Marcos just to reach Baguio. That is why the city is popularly known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

The locals of Baguio City are gifted with the skill of turning a lifeless wood into a new form. Wood carving is one of the major industries in the city of Baguio. There are many wood carving shops scattered around Baguio. Some are just on the side of the streets welcoming you as you enter the city coming from Marcos highway. Typical wood carving subjects are religious icons, animals, chairs and an Ifugao hunter.

Baguio is also a prime destination of fresh fruits and vegetables coming from the farms in Benguet. In the central market of Baguio, you may find several vegetables in low prices. Cauliflower, broccoli and strawberry are the most purchased items in Baguio market. Baguio strawberries are catered in so many ways such as fresh strawberries and strawberry jams. There are also ube or purple yam turned into spreads that is much loved by the locals of Baguio city.

Baguio has its main parks namely Burnham Park and the Mines View Park. Burnham Park is recognized as the heart of Baguio. It was named after its designer, Daniel Burnham. This is the favorite spot for locals and foreigners because many fun-filled outdoor activities can be done here such as boating, biking, skating, playing volleyball, and more. There are also children’s playground, food kiosks and an orchidarium. The park is also a host for several outdoor concerts held in Baguio City.

The Mines View Park on the other hand is one of the top tourist destinations in the city of Pines. Standing from the observation deck of Mines View Park, one may be captivated with the panoramic sight of the copper and gold mines of Benguet. The dramatic slopes of the mountains are definitely breathtaking. The exquisite landscape is a great backdrop as you take a memorable picture here in Mines View Park. In front of the park’s entrance, there are many stalls selling different handcrafted items, local delicacies, silver products, and more. The most purchased merchandise here in Mines View Park is the souvenir key chains where your name will be carved or simply written on one side and the name of the park is written at the other side.

Baguio also boasts its stunning Catholic shrine called The Lourdes Grotto. The stone stairs has at least 252 steps before you may reach the shrine of Lady or Lourdes.

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