Captivating Capiz

Capiz has long been believed to be a place where Manananggals and other scary creatures frolic but in reality, when you get to visit Capiz you won’t really find any of these scary creatures but what you’ll discover is a place with bountiful natural resources and sceneries that are very captivating. Capiz is now known to be the seafood capital of the Philippines and slowly, the scary folklore about Capiz is turning to dust.

The seafood here is a reason enough for you to come and visit. They are really tasty and surely you just can’t get enough. Restaurants all over Capiz are offering their customers with delicious seafoods that their precious little can offer.

Have you heard of Capiz shells? It’s used as a raw material for making ornaments. It is popular because even at a low cost, the use of Capiz shells in an ornament makes it look expensive and elegant. For Filipinos, Capiz shells may seem a bit ordinary but in the worldwide market these Capiz shells are to die for. Capiz shells are just one of the many products from the captivating Capiz. Also, the sweetest mango in the world can be found here as well. Guimaras mangoes are from the neighboring island, Guimaras, where you could also find their deliciously sweet mangoes being sold in Capiz and other nearby islands and cities.

The Biggest Asian Church bell is found in Capiz. When you’re in Capiz, you must visit the Panay Church and be captivated by their gigantic church bell. The Flatrock beach resort is a great place for people who want to relax and be in tune with nature. If you are ready to try a new sport, you may want to test your skills as a skim boarder. There are many different places in Capiz that you should visit whenever you plan to have a vacation in the province known as the captivating Capiz.

With the Philippine tourism’s effort to advertise this great little province, surely many foreigners and local tourists would flock the beautiful and captivating Capiz province. The place has so much to offer that it should not be hidden under the shadows of the scary image that it once was stigmatized with.

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