The Legend of Mangoes

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Ben who had a wonderful heart. He is the son of Maria and Juan. Ben’s a kind and helpful young lad who was nurtured well by his parents who have good hearts as well.

One day, Ben saw a very old beggar and he took pity on him. So, Ben decided to invite the old beggar into their humble home and he cooked food and fed the old beggar until he could not eat anymore. Ben was not a rich boy but that did not stop him from helping this old beggar by serving him with the type of food that Ben’s family could only afford. After a sumptuous meal, the beggar thanked the young lad and bade him farewell.

On another day, while Ben was looking for fire woods, he passed by an old man who was also very hungry. Ben took pity on him once more and without a doubt in his mind, he invited the old man back to their home and gave him food and some clothes that his father does not use anymore. Ben’s parents were happy that they have a son who has a heart of gold like Ben.

Unfortunately, the time came that Ben suddenly got very ill. His parents were troubled and didn’t know what to do. But despite that, they persisted to have their son treated but to no avail, Ben died. His parents mourned over the loss of their only son. The next day, after Ben’s death, a beautiful fairy came to Ben’s wake and talked to his parents. She asked them to give her Ben’s heart. They agreed and gave it to her. The fairy then flew away and in a mountain, she dug and buried Ben’s dead heart. It then turned into a fruit-bearing tree whose fruits were in the shape of a heart and whose taste was so sweet. People were amazed upon discovering this new type of fruit and when they tasted it they were happy as it’s the sweetest fruit they have ever tasted.

From then till now, people enjoy the benefits of this wonderful fruit.

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