Northern Samar Food Specialties

Most people have not yet tasted shark’s meat but in Northern Samar it is among the most popular local dish. Shark’s meat is a favorite and tasty kinilaw dish. Shark’s meat may smell a bit putrid but people in Northern Samar have perfected a method that cleans the meat and especially if it’s well prepared and fresh the putrid smell will disappear.

People in Catbalogan Samar describes this shark dish as one of the most delicious “kinilaw” dish in the whole of Philippines and is the favorite dish of choice by visitors who ends up in this part of the country. A lot of people agree that it tastes much better than other variants of kinilaw dishes like that of meat, pork and tuna because the shark’s meet is tastier brought upon by its distinct and unique flavor and it being cartilaginous.

Shark’s meat cooked in kinilaw dish is a favorite side dish for beer drinkers as well as it goes well with the native Northern Samar’s coconut wine or locally known as “tuba”. As history tells a tradition of Northern Samar people of “lining their belly with food” during and before their drinking session and among the choice dish they prefer is shark’s meat.

Another popular Northern Samar food specialty dish is “Linabo” another kind of Shark meat dish that is cooked with shredded pieces of shark meat combined with sautéed onions, ginger and tomatoes. Other seasoning like Vinegar is added as well until the shark meat is done. Other variants of shark meat dishes are cooked boil or “tinola” sprinkled with camote tops or it can be simply fried on the pan with pepper.

Other ways of cooking shark’s meat is by preparing it with coconut milk, this procedure lets the shark meat get extra taste and juice from the coconut milk and therefore adding a more tasty delight to its meat portions.

Other Northern Samar food specialty dishes mainly consists of seafood like crab on stick, grilled tuna, sinigang na bangus and chicken adobo cooked with a tender twist by Northern Samar people. It is cooked with a delicate sweetness brought upon by adding a bit of sugar to the sauce of the chicken adobo to provide a sweeter taste compared to adobo dishes from other parts of the Philippines.

Many other notable Northern Samar food specialty dishes includes binagol (which is made from talyan, a kind of root crop), Pinyato also known as pop rice to tourists, pastillas of carigara, moron of abuyog and a lot more.

For others they might prefer the more downbeat but still delicious “Tamales” which is composed of grounded peanuts with pork, “Sisi”, a type of seafood preserve and “Pinyato” which is composed of rice snack and grounded pinipig.

These are just some of Northern Samar’s food specialty dishes that continue to attract the attention of food lovers not just from the Philippines but even tourists from other countries as well. The rich culture and different tastes of the Philippines is clearly present and obvious by the uniqueness of the local dishes that Northern Samar is offering.

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