Pancit Habhab in Lukban, Quezon

Pancit Habhab - Lukban QuezonWith respect to festivities, Lukban, Quezon is famous for the Pahiyas Festival. When it comes to food, the Pancit Habhab has been synonymous with this province. Tourists are willing to travel to this place so they can partake of this wonderful, local specialty food.

Pancit Habhab is a local delicacy of sautéed noodles mixed with chopped pork, shrimps and vegetables. Mixed with just the right amount of onion and garlic, and you already have a complete and filling meal. What adds excitement to eating Pancit Habhab is the fact that it is eaten without using any utensils of any kind. To truly enjoy the noodles, it is placed on a rectangular banana leaf and you must eat using only your mouth. Hence you must be careful as not to spill some on your clothes. It is recommended that Pancit Habhab should be sprinkled with some vinegar to enhance its taste.

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