Tumbang Preso

Tumbang Preso (Pronounced as: tum-bahng preh-so) is a game that most Filipino kids play. It’s quite popular in the past when there were still no video games and when kids were relatively more active. But despite all the new technology and the increase of couch potatoes, the tumbang preso is still being played by the more active kids of today. Even adults sometimes play it too, bringing back memories of the past.

Tumbang Preso is an easy game to play. You need to have at least 3 players for this game but of course, having more players playing would make the game more challenging and fun. There needs to be an “it” player or the defender of the can. Usually at the start of the game this is decided through games such as rock, paper and scissors. The “it” will then defend the can from other players to prevent them from knocking it down. When the “it” has tagged another player when the can hasn’t been knocked down, then that player will be the new “it”. The other players must try to knock down the can as much as possible so the “it” player would have to put the can back. Players usually use slippers when playing tumbang preso and they are usually allowed to have just 2 slippers as their weapons. When all the players have used up all their slippers without knocking down the can, the “it” player can then chase everyone and tag who he/she wishes to become the new “it” player. This is basically the process of the whole tumbang preso game. All players doesn’t wish to become the “it” because you’d end up returning the can over and over again until you get lucky and tag a new “it”.

It’s a fairly simple game but it is very entertaining even to adults. It allows the kids to make friends with other kids and it keeps them fit and healthy too. Tumbang preso is a game that is distinctly Filipino.

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