Alamat ng Lasones

Lanzones or LansonesLansones or Lanzones is a fruit that they said can’t be eaten at first. Its legend began when people chased a certain thief who hides himself in a Lansones tree. The thief was so hungry and tired of running so he picked some of the fruit and ate them. When the village people found him, he was lying under the tree and dead. He looked poisoned from something that he ate and so, no one dared to eat the fruit of the Lansones tree.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning for the couple, Manuel and Edna. Manuel woke up when he heard the bell from their small chapel, located in a small village, in the town of Paete, Laguna. He then woke Edna up so that they won’t be late for the Sunday mass. Edna slowly opened her eyes, looked at her husband and smiled. They prepared fast to attend the mass that only happens once in a month which is led by the town priest. Minutes later, the couple can be seen with other village people entering the chapel. They both kneeled in a corner and prayed. Edna prayed for their guidance and hope that Manuel will never change his love for her while Manuel solemnly prayed for her wife’s safety as Edna now carries the fruit of their love in her womb.

After the mass, Manuel held her wife’s hand affectionately and they both walk out of the chapel. On their way home, Edna suddenly stopped when she saw the wonderful fruits of Lansones. She told her husband that she badly like the fruit and wants to taste it. Manuel doesn’t know what to do. He knows that the fruit is poisonous but on the other hand his wife is pregnant and he don’t want to disappoint her. Edna insisted but Manuel told her that it is poisonous so he won’t get her any as he’s afraid Edna would be poisoned. When Edna heard what her husband had said, tears came flowing from her eyes with a nonstop sob. It hurts Manuel upon seeing his wife crying for the lansones but he gathered all his will and decided not to give in into her plea. He warmly put his arm on his wife’s shoulder, comforting her that he will get some almost ripe mango fruits from their backyard, which most Filipino pregnant women like.

They never spoke to each other on the road until they got home. Edna hasn’t even taken a glance at Manuel when her husband got what he promised. She stayed in their room, never want to taste or eat anything. She did not even dare look at her sulked husband. Because of that, Edna became ill after a few days. Manuel doesn’t know what to do upon seeing his wife in a miserable condition. He asked her what is really the matter but Edna gently shook her head while some tears fell unto her cheeks. Manuel anxiously walked back and forth in the front of their bed. Edna changed a lot physically and Manuel can’t bear looking at her wife now. Those wonderful cheeks, those tender looking eyes, those red lips, and the extraordinary happiness they shared together were gone now. Edna’s appearance now is like that of a living dead.

Manuel finally decided to give his wife what she wants. The fruit of death, his wife has been dreaming of. He came off their house and immediately got his self unto the place of the poisonous tree. He picked a bunch of Lansones fruit in trembling hands, begging that God help them in their situation now. He closed his eyes and solemnly prayed; telling God in a shaky voice that he loves his wife more than his life and living without her in his life is completely useless. Tears came flowing down his eyes thinking that those fruit will end the wonderful relationship they have with each other. When he opened his eyes, he was stunned of what he had seen. A light formed in front of him that turned into a beautiful woman, in luminous white. He even smelled a wonderful scent that he hasn’t encountered for all his life. The woman spoke in an angelic voice and told Manuel to eat the fruit he was holding. Manuel hesitated and when the woman saw it, she talked to him, assuring Manuel that those fruits are safe. The woman picked a fruit from the bunch of fruits Manuel was holding and carefully squeezed it.

Manuel’s fears completely vanished as he immediately peeled the fruit’s skin and eat it. In his amazement, the fruit tastes wonderful and sweet. When he looked at the woman, she was gone. He searched for her but he never found her everywhere. He thanked God for what happened and vigorously picked the Lansones fruits as much as he can handle and hurriedly went home to see his wife. The wife was so happy upon seeing what Manuel brought for her. She ate the lansones and thanked her husband. She got rejuvenated and because of that miracle woman who suddenly turned the poisonous lansones into that sweet tasting fruit, Manuel’s wife gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby.

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