Sinulog Festival, Cebu

The beautiful island of Cebu not only boasts of its sparkling clear blue beaches and its growing city that can be compared to the metro, it also plays host to one of the most extravagant fiestas in the Philippines.

Sinulog Festival - Photo taken by Ranz Ramos

Sinulog Festival – Photo taken by Ranz Ramos

The Sinulog festival was coined after the current or “Sulog” of the Cebu Pahina River back in the days, therefore giving the festival its name—Sinulog.

The festival is just the colorful scene, what really matters is the dance that is performed during the festival. A brief history tells us that the natives of Cebu already celebrated Sinulog even before the Spaniards came, only difference is they performed the dance to honor their anitos or gods. When the Spaniards introduced Christianity, they gave the Santo Niño as a baptismal gift to the wife of Cebu’s Raja. Now, when the festival is held, the Santo Niño is held during the dance performance as a sign of reverie.

This nine-day fiesta involves two major celebrations: the religious procession on a Saturday and the grand street parade the following day.

Hundred thousands, if not millions, gather to witness this great event. College students, universities, parishioners from different parishes, friends, families and locals and natives alike join together for a momentous occasion.

Head on over to the stunning island of Cebu and experience a once in a lifetime event. Join in with the dancing and the fun while paying homage to baby Jesus. Kick off your shoes and relax as you enjoy the city, the beach, the people and take home a wonderful experience in the Sinulog festival.

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